The Art & Artist

Images are very important. The Art here is colorful and meaningful to All of the senses.

  Surround yourself with empowering and motivational images; wear clothes with beautiful and positive statements and watch how it will change your life.

Grab a T-shirt or Art Print in the Shop and try it out for yourself.

1.    Meditate on the images and/or wear the apparel

2.    Record or journal your results over time!


The Art

The Art here is made to heal the “Mind and Soul”. It’s influenced by the philosophies and scientific proof of those like the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese Scientist who published the results of his experiments on the effects of human consciousness on water. In his research, he found that water is indeed altered by things like human thought, music, and words. This also adds support to Nikola Tesla’s theories about “Frequency, Rhythm and Vibration”. With that being said, the human body itself is approximately 75% water. We now realize how the things we “consume” (watch, listen to, eat, read, etc.) can shape our personal world.

The Art here is composed of contemplative images that are channeled from what I call Source, or GOD, and the “collective consciousness”. These pieces hide deeper meanings and should be meditated on or put in a place, such as a home or office, where it can be seen daily. You will know the perfect piece for you at the perfect time. It’s Art with Purpose and a Message….. and You made it here for a reason! These messages are for You…and You… and Yes YOU.

The Artist

I started exploring Art at the tender age of 5. It seemed like something natural to play and experiment with watercolors, color pencils and pastels. A few years later, during those after school hours, I was introduced to the Paint program on the old boxed, DELL computer. I enjoyed creating “digital paintings” back in the day, even though I couldn’t waste corporate ink on printing them out. After High School, I gained an AA in Commercial Art & Design and went on to graduate in Nursing 2 years later, receiving my BSN. For the next 5 years, I worked in Intensive Care Units, specializing in Cardiovascular Critical Care. It was a very eye-opening; but rewarding experience. I have literally seen people champion Life and Death. Yes, let that sink in.

I currently own a small RN consulting business and teach expressive art & meditation classes in the community.

I am an advocate for Holistic Wellness, Meditation, Art & Color Therapy. I am a Creative and a Healer; Artist and Nurse....and I am Grateful to be doing what I love.

I am always hesitant to tell my story because my story feels incomplete. It is incomplete, but only because I’m still living it. I am still on a Journey. I am still creating and loving; and, because you are here reading this now, I suspect that you are on a Journey of your Own or soon will be. God Speed and Much Love for us Both, Family.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the Art available here. I hope it inspires you. 

-Ashley Bey